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..everyday life shared with 11 animals is told by a 32-year-old animal shelter volunteer and animal trainer from Kerava, Finland. My own herd has been in existence since 1993 and currently consists of rescue cats Saga, Taiga, Usva, Mithra, Mitmit and Tehanu, chinchillas Vanja and Tan-Ghil, african pygmy mouse Nia and rescue galgos Saoirse and Freyja.

As you might have noticed, our blog is mostly written in Finnish, but starting from August 1st 2013 I began writing translations at the end of all blog posts since and finally in January 2015 got short descriptions done of all our family members on this page. For more pictures and videos you can check everyone's own pages here:

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Saga & Taiga / 25.05.01 / 16 years 3 months
Saga and Taiga are two orphan sisters who were found alone in a barn after their mother had been killed in a poacher's snare. They came home on the 29th of June 2001 at the age of 5-6 weeks from Hyvinkää's animal welfare association and are my very first cats. Both of them have the kindest of tempers and are a bit timid towards other cats and unfamiliar people. If they weren't cats I'd say they wouldn't harm even a fly. Taiga was named after the biome characterized by coniferous forests and Saga after a character in Margit Sandemo's book series Sagaen om Isfolket.

Usva / 08.08.02 / 15 years 1 month
Usva came to us at the proper age of 12 weeks on the 2nd of November 2002 from Hyvinkää's animal welfare association after a recently rescued Nala, still a way too young female cat herself had suddenly given birth to three kittens in her new home; one tabby boy and two black girls, from which one became our Usva. She's a small cat with a huge personality, our own Little My with a fierce and unpredictable temper. Usva got her name from the Finnish equivalent for "fog".

Mithra / 08.06.03 / 14 years 3 months
Mithra joined us with then 8-year-old Midir (who passed away in July 2016) on the 20th of July 2003 as they were being foster cared by the same person who was leaving for vacations and didn't have the heart to take the sick kitten back to the shelter, so along he came. Mithra was around 5-6 weeks old at the time and had been found wondering outside completely alone. Nowadays Mithra is our biggest cat, weighing over 5kg, and has the kindest of hearts, always welcoming all new faces like he'd have known them forever. Mithra was coincidentally named after an old-Iranian god of light, contracts and friendship.

Mitmit / 31.05.04 / 13 years 3 months
Mitmit came along from the shelter at 9 weeks after an ordinary workday on the 1st of August 2004 just so he wouldn't have ended up with two obnoxious boys who were running around the shelter and decided they'd want him. From what I now know of Mitmit, he'd probably been perfect in that home and needed no saving. From our cats Mitmit is the boldest, rudest, stubbornest, the most energetic, curious and yes, arduous too. He's inseparable with Mithra and dearly loved by bunnies for some reason. Mitmit was named after a mischievous being in the Hungarian folklore.

Tehanu / 02.09.08 / 9 years
Tehanu is the first of all our animals that we decided on together with Juhani. At that time she was 6 weeks old, as tiny as can be and the only one from her litter among another a few weeks older than her. If she wouldn't have been listed on the kitten room's door, one wouldn't have even known she was there, so well had the wild little one hid herself. From the instant I saw her, I knew she was ours and a day after, on the 23rd of October 2008 we took her home. She comes from an older woman who finally neutered Tehanu's mother and gave her father and brother up for adoption after years of producing litters after litters of kittens that our shelter volunteers had to go and trap. With this fierce little being we have gone a long way, but she's still a bit on the wild side, timid and cautious, not fully trusting anyone, but standing her ground against other cats with ease. She's especially close with me and Mithra and is the only one who could get even Midir to play with her. Tehanu got her name after a character in Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea books, from a burned child, a woman-dragon and our dragon she truly is.

Saoirse (Libertad) / 05.04.15 / 2 years 5 months
Estimated at around 2 years old when found Libertad, who was reserved for us on the 4th of February 2017, will be my fourth galgo and as such, the youngest of them all. BaasGalgo got a call from Guardia Civil on the 12th of December 2016 and even though their shelter was full, took her in. Abandoned on her own, Libertad had stepped on a poacher’s snare that was still stuck on her left front leg and even though the vet was initially optimistic, it had to be amputated on the 16th. She was in foster care in Spain ever since Christmas eve and from there flew straight home on the 5th of April.

Freyja (Marga) 07.07.13 / 4 years 2 months
Estimated at around 4 years old when found Freyja, who first came to us as a ”foster dog” on the 7th of July 2017 so we could see how she’d handle Saoirse and find out what was wrong with her leg, was officially home on the 18th of July, only three months after Saoirse. She’s a young and timid special needs case from Scooby Valladolid with an old hip fracture that forced us to have her left rear leg amputated on the 6th of September.

Vanja / 13.04.04 / 13 years 4 months
Vanja, who joined us on the 17th of July 2004, is my second chinchilla and the most independent, determined and feistiest of them all, like a small force of nature who no one bosses around. She's a loyal companion to Tan, as she was with Móri before him, but can be a bit aloof with people. She isn't easily picked up, but will gladly come to get some attention on her own, when she decides so. Cardboard tunnels are her thing and sliding down one her specialty. Vanja, like Sagawas named after a character in Margit Sandemo's book series Sagaen om Isfolket.

Tan-Ghil / 25.03.06 / 11 years 5 months
Tan is my fourth chinchilla, officially called Exellent* Talisman of Gemstone and is originally from Sweden though to us he came from Miamitis Sari on the 24th of November 2006, at the age of 8 months. He's a curious, calm character and easier to handle than Vanja, an industrious interior designer who loves his dust baths above everything else. Tan, like Saga and Vanja, was named after a character in Margit Sandemo's book series Sagaen om Isfolket.

Nia / 04.11.15 / 1 year 10 months
Nia is one of two african pygmy mice (mus minutoides) sisters who joined us at the end of 2015. She is the most minuscule and adorable little being, but so strictly night active that we're mostly only listening what she's up to when the lights go out. They were named after the region their species originates, so Nia means purpose/purposeful in swahili and Khair happiness in arabic. Khair sadly passed away in September after which Nia has been our only mouse.

Juhani / 09.10.86 / 30 years 11 months
Originally from Kalajoki Juhani has lived in Tampere and Ylivieska before moving to first Hyvinkää and finally to Kerava with us. Passionate about floorball, ice hockey, playing the drums and fixing things he also likes animals, travelling and console gaming. We met and got together in May 2008, engaged on the 5th of May 2009 and married a year later.

Krista / 04.08.85 / 32 years 1 month
Grew up in Tuusula, moved to Hyvinkää for a year and now lives in Kerava with all those listed above. Passionate about animals, nature and volunteer work. Especially loves cows, sighthounds, giant bunnies, console gaming, movies, ice hockey, reading, travelling, taking pictures, translating and learning new languages among many other things.

last updated on: 9th of September 2017